Thursday, June 25, 2009

Your New identity in Christ.

Your new life in Christ should sustain you so that when you want to fall, no matter how hard you try you don't go anywhere because Christ sustains and supports you. Read (Romans 6:8-10). You say, "Well, how come I'm not experiencing that?" Because you must do something. Look at verse 11 and our key word: " Even so consider (reckon) yourselves to be dead to sin, but alive to God in Christ Jesus." Paul says, "You must reckon it to be so. Count it as true. Buy into your new identity in Christ." He is saying that if you know you've got a million dollar spiritual bank account, start writing checks on it. It's no good to have a million dollars and never reckon it to be so. You act on a million dollars by writing a check. Otherwise, you could live like you're broke. During the Civil War, it was legal for a man who wanted to stay out of the Union Army to pay someone to fulfill his draft obligations. Well, a man named Pratt paid a man named White to go to war in his place. White was killed. Pratt was re-drafted. But Pratt took the agreement between himself and White to the draft board and told them the second draft was invalid because he died "in White." The draft board had to agree Pratt was legally dead. When Satan comes to re-draft you into your old life when he tries to recall you to your old way of thinking, talking, and acting-you've got to show him the agreement. You've got to say," Jesus Christ has already died in my place. You can't draft me to that old life anymore. You can't take me back to that old way of thinking anymore. The payment has been made. You can't call me back into your service." Satan has no more claim over you, because when Jesus died, He died once. No more payments are necessary for you to have victor in your spiritual life. You've already died. Satan is like a deposed dictator who wants to keep running the show of your life. You must tell him that he has been kicked off the throne once and for all.
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