Tuesday, October 6, 2009

God's alternatives.

Christians who are neither isolationists not conformists, but God's alternatives. What do alternatives look like? They are on the ship of culture, but they are not of the ship. They understand that the ship is eventually going to sink. But they also understand that their job is to offer the people an alternative to the options of religious legalism or carnal conformity, a way of escape from the judgment coming on the ship, as well as a new way of living while they're on the ship. God's alternatives show this sinking world system what God looks like in its midst. Alternatives understand that this present age is under God's judgment and will be destroyed someday. But an alternative does not stand by and watch while society self-destructs. As God's alternatives called the church, we are called to show the world what this ship would look like if it sailed under divine direction.
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