Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Fire of Love

What koinonia does to believers is what logs stacked in a fireplace do to each other. The fire spreads from one to another. The passion of one believer ignites another believer, and the fire begins to spread. People begin to fall in love with jesus and start talking about him. That's why I like to be around Christians who are excited about Christ. I want some of their fire to warm me. I want their excitement to become my excitement, their joy to be my joy.
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Compensation of love

Another payoff for fellowship is that people fall so deeply in love with Jesus that they can't keep him to themselves. We preachers are always pounding the pulpit to urge God's people to witness. get out there and witness. Share your faith with someone this week. Tell someone at work about Jesus. It's your responsibility to witness for Christ. But just telling people to witness will never do the job. The secret to witnessing is not a sermon, but falling in love with the savior.
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